Ionut Danaila

  • This book offers a guide to understanding models of vortex rings, starting from classical ones (circular vortex filament, Hill and Norbury-Fraenkel inviscid models) to very recent models incorporating viscous effects and realistic shapes of the vortex core. Unconfined and confined viscous vortex rings are described by closed formulae for vorticity, stream function, translational velocity, energy, impulse and circulation. Models are applied to predict the formation number of optimal vortex rings and to describe two-phase vortex ring-like structures generated in internal combustion engines. The book provides a detailed presentation of analytical developments of models, backed up by illustrations and systematic comparisons with results of direct numerical simulations. The book is useful for graduate students in applied mathematics, engineering and physical sciences. It is a useful reference for researchers and practising engineers interested in modelling flows with vortex rings.