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  • Gun crazy T.1 Nouv.

    Gun crazy T.1


    • Glenat
    • 14 Avril 2021

    Vices et préjugés.
    La balade sauvage de Dolly Sanchez & Lanoya O'Brien, deux filles prêtes à tout pour réaliser leur rêve d'une vie meilleure et qui n'hésitent pas à dégommer à tout va quand elles sont face à des bouseux white trash racistes et méchants. Ce « road BD » déjanté, ultra violent et bourré d'humour nous plonge au coeur d'une Amérique redneck rongée par des super héros néonazis et des tueurs en série qui s'adonnent sans retenue à leurs pulsions de vie et de mort. Àla croisée des films de Tarantino, des k7 VHS et des années 80, ce western moderne plein de surprises et de bonus est mis en images par un duo d'auteurs survoltés !

  • The hemostasis laboratory has a vital role in the diagnosis and management of patients with familial and acquired haemorrhagic and thrombotic disorders. Its role in the monitoring of traditional anticoagulant therapy, as well as therapy using new anticoagulants, presents new challenges to the laboratory. This new edition addresses these important issues, as well as international guidelines for testing, the development of international standard materials, management of haemostasis testing from the laboratory to the point-of-care, and molecular genetic testing.

  • Since its first edition in 1980, Essential Physics for Radiographers has earned an international reputation as a clear and straightforward introduction to the physics of radiography. Now in its fourth edition, this book remains a core textbook for student radiographers.
    The authors have retained the pragmatic approach of earlier editions and continue to target the book particularly at those students who find physics a difficult subject to grasp. The fourth edition builds on the major revisions introduced in the third edition. The content has been updated to reflect recent advances in imaging technology. The chapter on Radiation Safety has been completely rewritten in the light of the latest changes in relevant legislation, and a re-examination of the physical principles underpinning magnetic resonance imaging forms the basis of a new chapter. Worked examples and calculations again feature strongly, and the innovative and popular Maths Help File, guides readers gently through the mathematical steps and concepts involved. The reference citations have been updated and now include Internet sources.

  • UNIX Filesystems

    Steve D. Pate

    • Wiley
    • 17 Février 2003

    Covers all versions of UNIX, as well as Linux, operating systems that are used by the majority of Fortune 1000 companies for their mission-critical data Offers more detail than other books on the file input/output aspects of UNIX programming Describes implementation of UNIX filesystems over a thirty year period Demonstrates VERITAS and other filesystem examples

  • There is now compelling evidence that the complexity of higher organisms correlates with the relative amount of non-coding RNA rather than the number of protein-coding genes. Previously dismissed as "junk DNA", it is the non-coding regions of the genome that are responsible for regulation, facilitating complex temporal and spatial gene expression through the combinatorial effect of numerous mechanisms and interactions working together to fine-tune gene expression. The major regions involved in regulation of a particular gene are the 5' and 3' untranslated regions and introns. In addition, pervasive transcription of complex genomes produces a variety of non-coding transcripts that interact with these regions and contribute to regulation. This book discusses recent insights into the regulatory roles of the untranslated gene regions and non-coding RNAs in the control of complex gene expression, as well as the implications of this in terms of organism complexity and evolution.?