Simona Hunyadi Murph

  • This book reviews recent advances in the synthesis, characterization, and physico-chemical properties of anisotropic nanomaterials. It highlights various emerging applications of nanomaterials, including sensing and imaging, (bio)medical applications, environmental protection, plasmonics, catalysis, and energy. It provides an excellent and comprehensive overview of the effect that morphology and nanometric dimension has on the physico-chemical properties of various materials and how this leads to novel applications.

  • This collection brings together engineers, scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs to present their novel and innovative contributions in the domain specific to metal-matrix composites and on aspects specific to  modeling, analysis, measurements, and observations specific to microstructural advances. Topics include but are not limited to:

    ·         Metals and metal-matrix composites

    ·         Nano-metal based composites

    ·         Intermetallic-based composites

    Contributions in the above topics connect to applications in industry-relevant areas: automotive, energy applications, aerospace, failure analysis, biomedical and healthcare, and heavy equipment and machinery.