T. S. Srivatsan

  • This book includes papers on recent research carried out in the field of metal-matrix composites (MMCs). Processing, microstructure, and mechanical properties of MMCs and unreinforced matrix alloys will be covered with a focus on aluminum, titanium, nickel, and copper MMCs. Those involved in the research of MMCs and unreinforced alloys, particularly in aerospace, space, and automotive materials research, will find this volume indispensible.

  • This volume contains papers presented in the third international symposium titled Fatigue of Materials: Advances and Emergences in Understanding held during the Materials Science and Technology 2014 meeting. The book contains contributions from engineers, technologists, and scientists from academia, research laboratories, and industries. The papers are divided into six topical areas:
    Session 1: Aluminum Alloys
    Session 2: Ferrous Materials I
    Session 3: Ferrous Materials II
    Session 4: Composite Materials
    Session 5: Advanced Materials
    Session 6: Modeling
    The papers cover a broad spectrum of topics that represent the truly diverse nature of the subject of fatigue as it relates to the world of materials.

  • This volume presents novel and innovative contributions in the domain specific to nanocomposites, specifically on aspects both related and relevant to the following:
    ·         science at the nanoscale level

    ·         innovations and advances in processing

    ·         characterization, quantification, and analysis

    ·         mechanical property evaluation and rationalization

    ·         failure analysis

    ·         technological applications at the nanoscale level

    The collection brings together a range of developments in areas spanning basic science, processing, analysis, characterization, mechanical property evaluation, and failure analysis rationalization of composite materials.


  • This collection brings together engineers, scientists, scholars, and entrepreneurs to present their novel and innovative contributions in the domain specific to metal-matrix composites and on aspects specific to  modeling, analysis, measurements, and observations specific to microstructural advances. Topics include but are not limited to:

    ·         Metals and metal-matrix composites

    ·         Nano-metal based composites

    ·         Intermetallic-based composites

    Contributions in the above topics connect to applications in industry-relevant areas: automotive, energy applications, aerospace, failure analysis, biomedical and healthcare, and heavy equipment and machinery.