Anglais The scorpion Tome 1 : the devil's mark (réservé à un public averti ; édition en anglais)

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Rome the beautiful is dying, the symbol of civilization falling, the empire burning. Hidden from massacres and looting, a strange meeting is held by nine families who share the Roman Empire. To retain their power, they decide to support a new religion-Christianity-as well as its representative, the pope. But who are these 9 mysterious families?
Later, much later, it's the Renaissance. Christianity prospers. A brigand called «the Scorpion» makes a living by unearthing relics in the depths of the Roman catacombs, which he sells at high prices to princes and bishops. Trebaldi, a powerful cardinal, takes an interest in this Scorpion, who is either a creature of the devil... or a witness to a cursed era who must disappear .

This two-volume book includes «The Pope's Secret »

Rayons : Bandes dessinées / Comics / Mangas > Bandes dessinées > Ados / Adultes > Histoire

  • Auteur(s)

    Stephen Desberg, Enrico Marini

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    96 Pages

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    25.7 cm

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    18.4 cm

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    0.7 cm

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    234 g

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    à partir de 16 ans

  • Série

    the scorpion

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    Grand format

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